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Posted by TheDarkDealer - April 25th, 2009

Migrating Coconut and I have been working on a book called Blasphemy, where huumans are stuck between a war of angels and demons, and I've finished the cover. Migrating Coconut got the idea from looking at a small ornament which now represents heaven and hell, and a ring around the world on to which us humans have escaped. I took a photo of it, photo shopped it and Wala. What do you think?
Finished Product
Second attempt

Posted by TheDarkDealer - April 1st, 2009

I log in, watch the usual Bobert rob, Adam Philips, Ebolaworld, and Weebl, and I have to start all over again in an hour. And PE is my worst subject!
Sorry for the bad racist jokes, bit tired

Posted by TheDarkDealer - March 9th, 2009

So I found this great, yet under rated, place for authors. You can start a project, which could be your own book, or a collaborative project. Then you can even get your stuff published! I've been really getting into it, pretty fun. Here's my account.
So anyway, to the punch. You want to read my first attempt at poetry? Do you? Too bad, here it is, and heras a link to the link.
My first poetry
Author: Paganini
Word count: 227

I had finally claimed my world,

the previous monarchy unfurled,

the mantle now rested

upon my shoulder.

But alas! In my plan, a fatal flaw

When I looked down from my throne, and saw

You skipping over puddles

Laughing merrily

I watched, hoping, and at last

You came across a sea too vast

For you to gracefully leap

And there was I.

I timidly approached

Undoing the king's new broach

And took my royal mantle

For you to tread.

We soon became fast friends

And you were my queen...or was that pretend

I could never tell

When it came to you.

Matches was your name for me

A ridiculous name for a king, I now see

But I accepted, deep in love

For my lady

The moving trucks came one day

For it seemed I could no longer stay

But I promised, no matter what

I'd come, for you

I came back years later, yet there

Was your throne, cold, and bare

How is it that you couldn't

Wait for me

Our friendship meant the world to me

But all that you seemed to see

all you EVER seemed to see.

Was a friendship.

Yeah, that one's about a powerful childhood crush, took 10 minutes to write. It was pretty fun, thinking of doing more, I don't think it's bad for a first attempt. I find the trick to poetry is find a subject you have a lot to say on. Then you concentrate on one verse, that can be from any part of the poem. That will give you the base for the rest, and then it should all just flow. Never thought I'd be a poet... oh well.
Anyway, I'd also like to bring your attention to another project I've been working on, a history collab... anyone can join. The point is, you dig up a history article you made, or make a new one, and post it. Then, if we get enough articles for a whole book, we'll try and publish it! Oh, and try not to, but if you do submit an article on something someone's already done, then i guess we'll vote to see who's stays.
And lastly, I found out by working with Migrating Coconut that I love making stories with people, and was wondering if any writers here were interested. Instead of pitching one of mine, I'll work with one of your ideas.
Thanks for listening!

Two lil announcements

Posted by TheDarkDealer - February 15th, 2009

For some reason, my first NG news post is about my user image... yeah. So Newgrounds, I have a question for you, should I use the crappy looking animated GIF below, or should I use the good looking still one that's already my user image? Please, let me know!

Totaly arbitrary question.