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Sorry for the 8

Well, this was a pleasant surprise. The voices were perfect, the art stunning, and the idea sound. I found the page dragging a bit annoying, but it was a good concept. It's just that, while the humor was compelling, I just feel that you had so many good effects and production value, and you had to go and make it anti climatic. Ah well, 5/5


I've always been a fan of he comic, and animating it in flash is brilliant. The animation is smooth, the voices are perfect. And to the guy below me, what do you expect, it's an animated comic.

You've really upgraded

the sound and animation was much improved, but I think I'm losing grip on the story. For one thing, the plot is moving at the speed of light, first episode, and most of the charachters have split up. And I get that this is a crazy and creative world, but it really is getting a little too silly. I shall continue to watch with interest.

tacobuttfish responds:

There's still a lot of questions to be answered, so maybe you just feel like your losing grip because of these things, hardly anything about the Beast Snacks is known yet except who has them in the story and that eating them apparently absorbs their powers. I hope you'll continue to watch because in Episode 4 everything goes from hazy to clear. Glad you seem to enjoy it though!

-Taco Buttfish.

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Actually pretty damn good for a first submission, I'll look forward to your other stuff.

Dont listen to those faga

The gaming was great, the camera didn't bug me, and of course, the animation was awesome. The whole thing felt very professional. Newgrounders do this strange thing when reviewing a game with great programming and art, because if the art is ever so slightly better, they'll give you a bad score. Furthermore, why does this have to be just like Johny Utah.? Are you mad at this guy for being a bit original? I mean, the tankmen were around before Johny Utah's series.
Anyway, best of luck!

To the guy below me

This is his game.

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This is literally perfect for my game... Its a point and click adventure, that starts where you're walking around a port, and the BAM! A cannon goes off, and there's a pirate ship approaching...
Thanks man!

masterjiji responds:

in all seriousness, do you want me to whip up separate songs of each section? im trying to get my music out there as much as possible.


This is so gonna be the credits for my pirate adventure game.

Wonderful concept

I loved the background music, especially the choir. You do need a better microphone however.

Malficious responds:

like i stated, the music is not mine. The mic, yeah lol, i did this on my laptop's mic, so yeah it's pretty bad. I appreciate the polite review. I hope to do some more...but school is getting in the way at the moment...

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You have a talent... A weird one, granted but talent all the same. An interesting idea might be taking requests for carvings from newgrounders, and posting the photos.

Chronamut responds:

I only do one pumpkin a year - so I like to do my own ideas :)

and thanks for the weird compliment :P

and thanks for the review!


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